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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to figure out a formula to use when a selection option is made add the modified time. I know that there is a last modified for when fields are edited by a user. But what I want is when a certain option in a select field is selected to add the time. 

For example user selects, "New Board" from the select field - then the formula would automate the time when the option was selected "4/12/23 4:05pm". 

Thank you!

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I think you'll need to use an automation for this I'm afraid

1. Create a "Date" field to hold the date time the opion you're monitoring was selected
2. Create a "Last Modified Time" field to and make it reference the select field in question
3. Create an automation that triggers when a record meets a condition, e.g. when the selected option is "New Board"
4. Give it an "Update Record" action to paste the value from the field in step 2 into the field from step 1

This should do what you're looking for!