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4 - Data Explorer

Greetings to all. I’m trying to build a filter that only shows me records from specific items that are linked from another table.

I have two tables linked together. One shows the names of users on my network along with other general information. My second table is a list of licenses and prices per licenses. The license table is linked to the user table so that if a user have 2 licenses I will be able to see which licenses the users has from the user table. There are some other roll up columns that calculate total cost of users licenses.

Every time I create a regular filter on the user table to see a list of specific licenses that I can group by the user department, it treats every combination of licenses as a different criteria. I want to be able to filter specific licenses only. Not sure I’m explaining it the best way. I have images but I guess I can’t upload them on a post

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Angel_Menendez - I think the answer here is in the base structure and breaking this out a bit more. I would have these tables (I’m assuming you’re talking about software licences here, but that doesn’t really matter):

  • People
  • Software - the types of software
  • Licences - A specific instance of the software, assigned to a person

In the Licences table, you can now filter by a specific software type, e.g. Photoshop:

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 15.14.46.png

The department would be (I guess) a field on the People table and this could then be a lookup on the Licences table, so you could do department grouping there too.

Does this give you what you need?