List of all the Sundays between 2 dates in Formulas

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I am struggling to come up with a formula for this problem I am having:

I need to create a formula on Airtable that will list all the Sundays that fall between a field called Created Time (date), and another called Start Date (date that is after the Created Time).

For example, if the Created Time was today: 03/19/24
And the Start Date was a month from now: 04/19/24
I would like this formula field to display the following: 03/24/24, 03/31/24, 04/07/24, 04/14/24
If any of those 2 dates are a Sunday, they should be excluded from the formula.

Can this be done? Anyone have any tips on how to do this? 

I am trying to find a workaround as Date fields aren't very dynamic when used in Automations, and would like an automation to auto-populate a linked record field (within my "Events" table) with all the Newsletter emails I have on a separate table's calendar for Sundays.

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