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Manage booking event and waiting list

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I search on the forum but I don’t find responses.
Here is my request :
I organise an event with many courses. To do this, I created a form in airtable to allow people to book a place to the course they choose.
But I want to limit the number of person for a class and create a waiting list.

For exemple :
In my form the participant can chose between class A, class B or class C. There is only 6 places for each class. So when six persons are registered for a class, I want to note the 7th person and more as “waiting list”.

In my table “Book a course”, I have a field with the quantity of places for a course (“6”), another field with the “autonumber field” to rank person when booked, another field with a formula : when the autonumber of a person is taller than quantity of places for a course, put the label “waiting list” and when this number is smaller or equal, put hte label “booked”.
This way, with “autonumber field” it’s OK if I have only one class on my table but I don’t find a way to do this if I have three differents class and one table because of the “autonumber field” .

Do you already try to do this ?
Thanks for your help
Ana - french speaker

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Hey there! I tried building this out to help you, but sadly I had too many architectural questions around some of the decisions that have been made, and what impact they have to the solution.

Would you mind sharing a copy of your base with us here - CleanShot 2020-04-18 at 13.24.15 Or at least a basic version so we can try to help you?

One way to stop the 7th registration is to validate against a rollup field. Our Advanced Form for Airtable supports field validation. So you can prevent form submissions if the value exceeds a certain number (or many other conditions).