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Multiple lookup result into Markdown format

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Hi guys!

I am looking to transform a lookup result into a Markdown format. Doing this will allow me -I think- to then export that field via Integromat into Webflow and displaying it in a bulleted format. In Webflow, I am using what is called a “Rich Text field”.

My guess is if I do a formula that takes the info I am looking up and then transforms into a Markdown or even HTML-kinda format this should be possible.

Has anyone done this before? Any ideas?

I am attaching a photo of the lookup field in Airtable, the rich field in Webflow, and how its supposed to display in the end.



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Your plan is fine until this statement -

… a formula that takes the info I am looking up and then transforms into a Markdown or even HTML-kinda format

Let’s be clear - you want a formula that takes a field with comma-separated lookup strings and makes it into a format that will be bulleted list items in WebFlow, right? If true, there is no way to create a formula to write text into a rick-text field the likes of which is the only feature able to render a bulleted list ready for WebFlow’s rich-text field.

However, you can create a formula field with text formatting markers that WebFlow will use. Just create a formula that reads the lookup strings and parses and arranges them in a manner that WebFlow will appreciate.

Alternatively, simply let Integromat perform the transformation before it writes the data into WebFlow.

Thanks a lot, Bill! That sounds right.

I want to try the Airtable native solution before jumping intro Integromat. Have you seen any example like the one you are describing? I am not sure how to solve the parsing and arranging part and about the format that Webflow can use.

Thanks for any tips!

Yeah, this is easier to say than to know the answer. I think you just start experimenting to see how the content is interpreted by Webflow.