Need help with Inventory table for my Short Term Rental.

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am using airtable to keep track of inventory for my Short Term Rental.

I have an "Inventory" table + an "Update Inventory" table.

When my cleaner is counting inventory in my STR she'll click on the "Update Inventory" button on my inventory table and a form pops up for her to enter the quantity of an item.

After that's done, It'll show the data entry in the "Inventory History" column, as well as all past data entries.

How can I show the quantity from the LATEST data entry show in the "On Hand Items" column?

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You can do this with an automation where it searches in your main table for the correct record to update (via the name of the item or something), and then have an "Update Record" action to replace the data you want, in this case the quantity

You can also achieve this with rollups and formula fields:

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 1.57.11 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 1.57.09 PM.png

Link to base

To recreate the base above:
1. Have all the records linked to a single record called `Rollup`
2. In the `Rollup` table, create a rollup field on the `Created Date` value from `Table 1` with the formula `MAX(values)`
- This will give us the latest date  
3. In `Table 1`, create a lookup field to pull over the most recent` Created Date` from the `Rollup` table
4. Use a formula field to check the `Created Date` value against the most recent date pulled in via step 3
5. In the `Rollup` table, create a lookup field with a conditional that checks against the field from step 4

You'd need to link the records appropriately for this to work

Within your context, you could create a prefilled form URL so that when your cleaner clicks the button the form's linked field would already be populated too and no automations would be needed