Re: Nested IF and SWITCH driving me up the wall!

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4 - Data Explorer


I’m trying to use the nested IF function to return a specific piece of text per code that I enter (7 codes in total). I have tried to use both IF and SWITCH, and they seam to work for the first one or two and then I can’t get any further.

For example, these are the conditions I would like to have met:

IF{Indicator}=1, “A”
IF{Indicator}=2, “B”
IF{Indicator}=3, “C”
IF{Indicator}=4, “D”
IF{Indicator}=5, “E”
IF{Indicator}=6, “F”
IF{Indicator}=7, “G”

The letters (A-G) are just substitutes for text I would like to include. It’s one sentence per IF function - could it be a length issue?

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I don’t know of any character limit for formulas so I don’t think that would be the issue. A SWITCH() function would look like this:

   1, "A",
   2, "B",
   3, "C",
   4, "D",
   5, "E",
   6, "F",
   7, "G"