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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone, 

I have a base that keeps Anydesk ID's of our staff, and I want to open Anydesk automatically from Airtable, using the saved Anydesk ID. There is a URL Handler from Anydesk, the problem is, that the link doesnt open in Airtable.

Thats the link with the Anydesk ID. Entered in a Browser, it opens the Application and the session automatically. But Airtable doesnt recognize it as a link, ass www, https, or https before doesnt help. 

Any ideas how to solve it? 




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@Yonatan_Langer wrote:


... Airtable doesnt recognize it as a link ...

 Show me how you are using it in Airtable. Need a clear example.

Hi Bill, thanks for your reply. 

Below is a screenshot. I basically have all Anydesk ID's with the user name, and want to use a button field to open the Anydesk URL. The URL is working when i manually add it to a browser, but Anydesk doesnt accept it as an URL. 



That's a custom protocol, not a URL. Airtable doesn't have the protocol installed, so it has no clue what it means.

I assume AnyDesk is a desktop app, and you are trying to convince Airtable to launch the app with the stated ID. Web applications cannot do this (by design) unless a) the protocol is registered and b) the browser app has been given permission to do so.

This is not an Airtable issue; it's an AnyDesk issue.

Thank you for putting light on this issue! Is there a workaround somehow?

Anydesk wrote about the URL Handler (and thats what I wanted to do with Airtable): 

This can be an important feature for HTML-based Support dashboards. Customers can send the Support team their AnyDesk-ID via a form. The dashboard receives and organizes the information regarding the customer data and AnyDesk-ID and automatically converts the ID into an AnyDesk URL.

Would it be possible to write a script that opens a browser and puts the URL?

Hi Bill, I checked the option and tried but didnt succeed.