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"IF then" question

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Is it possible to set something like this up and if so, how?

  • If the answer in Column 1 is X, then display these multiple choice options for Column 2
  • If the answer in Column 1 is Y, then display these totally different multiple choice options for Column 2

I’m a brand new user, so please account for that in any answers.


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Welcome to the community, Susan! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Unfortunately Airtable doesn’t allow for a multi-select field to have its options change based on another field. At least, not natively. It can be done with a bit of setup, which has been figured out by @W_Vann_Hall and documented in this thread:

Thanks for your response, @Justin_Barrett
Lots here to digest. Will let you know how it goes…but might take a while.