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Removing the tail end from URLs

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Hey AT Community!

Is there a way to remove the tail ends from formulas in bulk?


I have 3 urls in 3 different rows:

Using a formula (or something else) I’d like to get rid of the tails so that I am left with:

I feel like this should be possible?

Appreciate any pointers!

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Accepted Solutions

What about

    REGEX_MATCH({URL}, "https?:\/\/[^\/]+"),
    REGEX_EXTRACT({URL}, "https?:\/\/[^\/]+")

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Hey John, try:


@Adam_TheTimeSavingCo Your example removes everything starting with the question mark, but John was asking about taking away everything after the last forward slash. Here’s what I came up with:

IF({URL}, REGEX_REPLACE({URL}, "[^/]*$", ""))

This focuses on the end of the string and strips away everything that’s not a forward slash.
Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 10.06.06 PM

@Justin_Barrett Thanks so much! This is definitely heading in the right direction. This works really great for most of my links.

I should have been more clear, because I have a bunch of different link formats with different amounts of /'s.

For example:

It seems like really, the common denominator is that I want to keep everything to the left of the 3rd /.

Is there a way to modify the formula to approach it from that side?

I was thinking -

REGEX_REPLACE({URL}, "^https?:\/\/[^\/]+", "")

Having a complete set of test data that covers all use cases is always important. When using REGEX, a complete set of test data is absolutely essential!

@Bill.French Interesting, thanks for sharing!

This formula is giving me everything after the 3rd “/”. What I’m looking for is essentially the opposite, everything before (can include) the 3rd “/”.

What about

    REGEX_MATCH({URL}, "https?:\/\/[^\/]+"),
    REGEX_EXTRACT({URL}, "https?:\/\/[^\/]+")

@kuovonne appreciate the feedback! The data is confidential at this point so I’m unable to share it in bulk.

You nailed it! Thanks so much @kuovonne. This is exactly what I needed :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t have to be the actual data, but should represent the universe of possible patterns.