Splitting a link to multiple records into multiple lines in page designer

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  • in a link to multiple records field, i collect several strings (image urls) to one product
  • output of this field {Images} in page designer would be like

“url1, url2, url3”

I need to split these urls linewise in page designer, some boilerplate added, e.g.:

  • “url1.jpg”
  • “url2.jpg”
  • “url3.jpg”

While i have several ideas on how to solve this in the event of just one string, iterating the array of multiple records is a challenge (at least to me). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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When adding your record link field to the page designer, set the field’s settings to:

Thanks Kamille, these settings are pretty interesting as i never used the list option! :slightly_smiling_face:
In my case, it would not iterate through multiple values of this field (having {Name}.jpg still rendered in page).
I found more of a workaround than solution by having a “cascade” of several fields, referenced to their sibling, basic scheme (plus some conditional stuff):

  1. “Images”
  2. “ImagesNL” → REGEX_REPLACE(Bilder, “Marker”, "\n- ")
  3. “ImagesNormalization” → CONCATENATE(REGEX_REPLACE({ImagesNL}, ‘[^A-Za-z0-9\\]’, ‘’),.jpg)

This is not cool, only doing the job…

If the name of your field is “Images”, did you actually replace {Name} with {Images}?

yes :slightly_smiling_face: in the case of multiple linked records, it seems to not iterate through these array of records:


The fact that {Bilder} is still showing suggests that’s not a name of an actual field in the appropriate table in which the records reside. Either that or its a really specific bug. Can you post a screenshot of the fields in the table the linked records are from?

“Bilder” is the source field:


{Bilder} is a field in Table A that you’re trying to iterate through, which links to records in the table ‘Bilder’. That box in Page Designer is asking you “which field(s) from the Bilder table should represent each record”.

You have to type the name of a field from the Bilder table.

ah, got it! But then it´s no solution as i need to render the list of all “Bilder”-items, the appropriate row ist linked to (row is a product that has several images). Thanks for your patience!