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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

dear airtable community, i would like to create a formula that sums up the size of the identical item.

in the screenshot you will see, that every record has only one size, even though its sometimes the identical sneaker.

i want it to be:

  • “dunk low disrupt 2 pale ivory black” : 39 EU - 8W US [case 1: only one record with the title - nothing should be changed, just display the available size]
  • “dunk low light violet (venice)” : 38 EU - 7W US [case 2: multiple records with the same title, but with the identical size - only one record should include the size they all share and the others should be empty]
  • “dunk low two tone grey” : 38 EU - 5.5Y US / 44 EU - 10 US [case 3: multiple records with the same title, but with different sizes - only one record should include all the sizes which are seperated with a " / " and the others should be empty.

if anyone of you could help me with this challenge i would highly appreciate it, i hope i described the requirements understandable, if not feel free to let me know.

thanks in advance and stay safe guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-13 um 19.41.58

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Hm, the quick and dirty way would be to create a formula field with the name of the item and the size, i.e.

{Item name} & ' ' & {Size}

And then convert that field to a “Link to” and create a new table. If this needs to be a long term thing, you could potentially use an automation to paste the formula field’s value into the link field

The only other way to deal with this would probably be with scripting I think