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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,
Brand new here. (I tried attaching a screenshot but can’t so… )

I have a Related Field column where I’ve added some ‘Components’. Those Components have a Price field within their table.
Next to the Components field I have a Components Total field. What’s the formula required to display the total of the Components in the total field as they are added?

Boy I hope that makes sense.

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Hi @Herbshirt,

Welcome to Airtable community! The reason you cannot post a picture or a link is because you need the Basic badge first to unlock those features. To get this badge, you need to read some other posts first.

Now for your question, I suggest either you get the Basic Badge (it will take 2 mins) and edit your post with a picture so we can understand better. Or you can email me a view link to your Table and I will take it from there.

Best Regards,