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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

my locale format was DD/MM/YYYY
i try make it work but it looks like this!
Screenshot (3)|652x222
i really wanna know why keep telling March NOT August

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What types of fields are those? If you’re using formulas, what are the formulas that you’re using?

Airtable has its own settings for dates that do not always match the computer settings.
By default, Airtable dates are MM/DD/YYYY.

Airtable thinks that 03/08/2021 is March 8, 2021.
If you want that 03/08/2021 to be 3 August 2021, I recommend changing the format of your date field to be “European”. You may find that you need to redo your data entry.

When you format your date using DATETIME_FORMAT you have the option of setting both the locale and the order of the elements in the date. Setting the locale in the DATETIME_FORMAT only changes the words used, not the order of the words.