Tallying total votes/selections across all records

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Hi I have a multiselect that I have parsed out the individual answers to (they are ranked choice votes basically).

I want to total the votes, and haven't figured out how to do that though I suspect Rollups and conditional counts could work, this will be a constantly changing tally and constantly updating the linked fields with new voters would be a hassle. This could happen either by talllying the multiselects or the Text fields which have the extracted Individual selections (derived from the multiselect).

Currently looking at interfaces is the only straightforward way to do this. Would greatly appreciate any help. Obviously it's doable but seems like itll need an indirect workaround.

2 Replies 2'd need to create a "Summary" table and link all of your records to a single record in that "Summary" table, and add conditional rollups and counts like you mentioned.  You could create an automation that would automatically link new records to that summary record if it helps? 

Hey there,

As Adam (@TheTimeSavingCo) stated, you'll need a "Summary" table.

Here's a guide on how to create a summary report table to calculate what you need.

How to Create a Summary Report in Airtable

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