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Time per 100 words

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I’m a professional writer, and I have a table where I put all the projects I turn in. On the table, I list how long a project took me (duration) and and how many words it was (#) (along with other factors).

What’s the easiest way to create a formula that will give me the time it takes per 100 words? I keep messing up each time I try.

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The data required to meet this computation is pretty simple (as you already know) -

  • Total words written
  • Total time spent

You need a duration field (which I assume you already have) and a field with the total words for each project. The last field is simply duration / (# words / 100), right?

Yeah, but I keep getting 0:00 when I’m done. The final formula is: {Time to Complete}/{Per 100 Words}

I created a field called Per 100 Words that is (Word Count/100)

Actually I decided to go a different route and did Words Per Hour. That may be more helpful anyway. It worked fine.