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Using a form to book and update seating capacity

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4 - Data Explorer

The aim is to use a form to book seating for film screenings, however, the issue is that the form must show how many seats are available. I was thinking of possibly using a rollup to connect fields with the maximum capacity, the number of previously reserved seats, and thus a field in the form which would show how many seats remain available. I'm not entirely sure this could work, but I would appreciate any and all ideas to solve this!

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If you have a linked record field linking to your “seats” table, you can configure the linked record field to only show you a list of the seats that haven’t been chosen yet.

Beyond that, Airtable forms do not have the ability to display any dynamic information onscreen (such as calculations or formulas or lookup fields), so you would need to turn to an external form tool to do this for you:

1. JotForm offers the ability to create seating maps with limited seats to choose from, You would send your form submissions from JotForm to Airtable using Make.

2. Fillout creates forms that communicate live with Airtable, and it can display calculations onscreen or disolay dynamic information from Airtable onscreen.

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