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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey friends
I want to check who has watched the videos on my system and I have some automation that was up until now transferring to Google Sheets and now I'm switching to AIRTABLE.
If I want it to mark me with a V in the checkbox, what should I write?
I would later like to add IF on the same simple checkbox and check the quality of a lead.

Hope you understood.
I'll be glad to receive your help,
Thank you!



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Hi @zerem 

What do you mean with "some automation"? Where do you want to "write" (script, formula, automation)? 

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You won't be able to mark a Checkbox using a formula. But you can do it with an Automation.

Though I'm not clear how you want to do it. 
You'll need a "Trigger" to set off the automation.

When do you want it to be checked?

"You won't be able to mark a Checkbox using a formula."

Nope. You could use an icon in a formula if you want though.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

In the end, I want that according to certain checkboxes - there will be more stars for each lead.
That's basically how, according to how many videos in the lead system he's watched, I can rate him using a star system to understand if he's a higher or lower-quality lead.

I use MAKE to check if a certain lead clicked on his link in the email, and this is how I mark V if he clicked on one of the videos through the email and can tell if he watched it or not. I want it to transfer to Airtable through the MAKE that the same lead watched the video.

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Since you already have a MAKE workflow, why don't you change the checkmark to true there?

That way you can keep it as an actual checkbox and have it automatically updated.

You'll need to use Airtable > Update A Record