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Airtable Script to update a linked field with a string

Can you help.I need to replace a linked field with a string - both in the same table. Here's my code: The problem is on line 23. If I run it as the following it works fine. However "YSW CC2" is a text field.23        await mainTable.updateRecordAsync...

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Rob_Dixon by 4 - Data Explorer
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Basic authentication for vidaxl api

Hello, anyone availeble to help with basic authentication for vidaxl api. I am trying to get products data but really struggling with the authentication // define the request urllet base_url = "";let authUser = "som...

Resolved! Formula filter based on record id

Hi. I,m trying to filter records using filter formula based on record_id. The field is not exists in the table, and we don't want to create formula field to have record ids explicitly. Is there a way to compose query formula to filter data by their r...

Can't updateRecordAsync - Long Text Field

I'm trying to generate some content using OpenAi's new ChatGPT API and I'm having an issue with updating the record field in my table with the response from their API. I have no idea why but for some reason I can't update the Long Text Field with the...

clayc210 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Inserting Today's Date and Time Using Script

Before starting this, I will say I have no background in writing script.  Any script/code I have posted was created using OpenAI API.What I am trying to create is an automation that upon an update in a selected Single Select Field will begin an autom...

Adam_Morrow1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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