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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Your public community profile is where Airtable community members can see the information that you have chosen to share, your community rank & stats, as well as your posts & replies. Keep your profile up to date so members of the community can get to know more about you! 

Below we will walk you through some of the different components that make up your profile page.


*Private Stats are only available to you, this will not be visible to other members.

1. Username & Profile Avatar

On the top left header you’ll find your username, ranking (click here to learn more about user ranks), membership start date, and a quick link to My Settings. You can change both your username and profile avatar.


To change your username you must have reached the rank of Contributor. Once you have achieved this, you can change your username by selecting My Settings > Personal > Username.

Profile Avatar

You can change your profile avatar by selecting the Edit Image icon located under your profile photo > Choose another avatar > you can select from either My Computer, My Albums, or The Community > click Save and Continue.

* You are the face of your brand and your profile avatar is the first impression another member will see, make it uniquely you!

2. Community Metrics Snapshot

Your metrics snapshot share your top stats with other members:

  • Posts - total number of posts and replies you’ve contributed to the community.
  • Solutions - total number of answers that were accepted as a solution.
  • Kudos given - the sum of Kudos given to other members.
  • Kudos received - the sum of Kudos received from other members.

3. Badges

A badge is a type of visual reward that community members can earn for completing specific community actions or for achieving important community milestones. This component of your profile displays the latest badges earned, and will automatically update with each new accomplishment.

4. Recent Notifications

In this component you’ll be able to view all of your latest notifications from new ranks, badges earned, DM’s from other members, or replies received from topics posted. 

5. About

This component of your profile page is where you can add a brief biography and/or description of how you use Airtable in your work. To add or update this section select My Settings > Personal > Personal Information > fill in your Biography > Save.

*Your About section will not be visible if your Biography is left blank. 

6. Posts & Replies

In this component you’ll see your latest posts and replies you have contributed to the community. Select the Posts tab to view all the topics you’ve started, and Replies tab to view your responses to various topics and articles throughout the community. 

7. Private Stats

All of your activity within the Airtable Community is captured and shared with you in this component of your profile page. This is kept private and hidden. 

8. Kudos

There are two components, Kudos from and Kudos given to, that share the total number Kudos you have received from other members and have given. These components will highlight those members who have given you the most kudos and those you have kudoed. 

*Drafts & Bookmarks

In addition to the components mentioned above, there are two other components to your profile page. The Drafts and Bookmarks components will appear once you have drafted either a post or reply, or have created a Bookmark.

We encourage you to take the time to explore the rest of your settings to edit your profile and preferences to your liking. 

If this post was helpful for you, please share your feedback in the comments below!

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Most of the information on the profile page is pretty self-explanatory, so I almost didn't read this post, but I did and here are my comments.

3. Badges. These badges look like a completely different set from the badges under Discourse. It looks like there are only 30 badges. I am sad that I lost my original badges, especially my login streak badge. I worked really hard to get it. I guess it doesn't really matter. The pastel colors remind me of candy hearts that kids give each other on Valentine's day.

5. About. This section looks like it can only take plain continuous text. The font is really huge and the column is really narrow. It makes it impossible to have a tidy bulleted list or to include a pretty url link. I tried adding some text to my "About" section, but it is impossible to format it in a way that makes the text attractive and entices people to read.

Drafts. This was an unexpected section. Turns out I have around 20 drafts dating back to the platform switchover. I've probably started and then abandoned more than 20 posts over the last few months due to difficulties in composing replies on this platform. Maybe some of them ended up here? Maybe this is why I get error messages stating that I'm working on a reply in a different window? I'm torn between deleting all these drafts en mass versus letting them continue to sit where they are. 

Bookmarks. Everyone has a different way of tracking old content that they want to refer back to. On the old forum, I found that creating bookmarks didn't help me because often I didn't know that I wanted to refer back to something until weeks or months later. Then I tried bookmarking interesting posts, and I was overwhelmed with too many bookmarks of things that I rarely referred to. Instead, I came to rely on the search. If I wanted to find an old post or thread, I just searched on a few keywords that I remembered, and maybe the author or time frame. I found that searching worked much better for me than bookmarks. Of course, your mileage may vary. If someone else has an effortless method of managing bookmarks that works well, I'm open to hearing it.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is it still accurate that Contributor rank or above is what allows username customization? I reached Data Explorer last week (one step above Contributor, per the rank list linked above) but still have no ability in my settings to change my username.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @darbielee, thanks for reaching out about this. Ping me directly and I'd be happy to talk this out with you. 

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