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4 - Data Explorer

Does anyone know if you can add Airtable extensions/apps to interface designer?

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You should be able to Trigger a script from an automation with the "when button is clicked" automation! Hope that helps! We do it all the time! 

We use this button to optimize our route in Gmaps and then rearrange our days based on traffic conditions. 

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 9.12.36 AM.png

This is possible now via automations native in airtable. 

Thank you for the info and use case example @Lclore! Now I just need to work out how to write a script to run the CSV import extension, I assume this is possible? I've not written a custom script on airtable before so my knowledge is limited, but definitely something to learn! 
Do you have any recommendations of where is best to research/ learn this?

Thanks so much for your help so far 😄

Sorry you're outside my expertise. I would assume it's possible. But Im not a coder. Just a carpenter actually. I built the automation but had a family member code it. But I would assume anything is possible via scripting.