Adding records to bridge table through Interface

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6 - Interface Innovator


I just wanted to know whether creating records in a bridge table (resolving M:M relationship) can be done only through views attached to the bridge table (like grid view, gallery view..) or can this be done using an Interface, as my users are interested to use Interface than the table views. To explain this

I have two tables "Employee" and "Facilities " (akin to services offered by org). There exists M:N relationship between these 2 tables and a new table "Employee-Opted-Facilities" would be required to capture certain details like dates etc.

Is there a way to create a record in this table using Interface, by having button and triggering automation. I tried but I think the trigger would use only source table that would be made available to the automation.

Please suggest if there is a workaround with interfaces or else I have to settle with table views.



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The main issue telling the automation what record to use for the second linked record field in the new junction record.

You could have the automation create the record in the junction table with only the linked triggering record. Have the user pick the other linked record in a grid view of the linked record field.

Or you could have a field that directly links to the other table (bypassing the junction/bridge table). This field would be only an input field for the automation so that it knows both records to use in the new junction record. The automation should clear this field after it creates the junction record so that it is available for future use.