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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I'm looking into making a KPI Dashboard for company-wide use. Traditional solutions would be something like Tableau or Power BI, but since we are a small company and we already have Airtable, I've been trying to scope our Airtable as a possible solution. While scoping it out, I haven't been encouraged.

It seems like Airtable has a lot of capabilities, especially when using Vega-Lite, but one key thing that we need is the ability to configure charts easily. For example anyone should be able to quickly change the date range on a chart without it affecting other's view.

I also haven't been able to incorporate Vega-Lite into an Interface. I've only been able to include it in the Extensions, which is not a convenient user experience if we have 20+ KPIs. I think I need Vega-Lite to get the charts that I need, for example a Sankey chart is not available with the "native" Airtable charts.

Am I missing out on some capabilities or should I move on from Airtable and look into some beefier Dashboarding solutions?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you tried native interface charts with a date filter field? Each person could set their own filters on dates.

That does help with the chart configurability, but I'm still unsure if I can use Airtable because of it's limited native interface chart selection. I know that I can use Vega-Lite with Extensions to get more charts (like a sankey), but is there a way to use more than just the 5 that are native to the Interface?