Airtable Timeline Interface not updating color by condition

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

One Relative Table "Booking" to a Timeline View of another Table "Front Desk" has a Rollup Field "Error": "IF(COUNTALL(ARRAYUNIQUE(values))=1, FALSE(), TRUE())", which calculates if was error or not.
Interface of a Timeline "Front Desk" is not showing correct color by a condition. Airtable Table works fine. Only a issue in Interface. Thanks.

P. S. When I update values in a Table, Rollup field calculation is correct. Interface works only at the beginning, after - no changes (color stays the same).


2024-06-14 02_12_59-Hotel PMS_ Front Desk - Airtable.png

2024-06-14 02_08_56-Booking system I_ Front Desk - Airtable.png

In Interface in DevTools during resizing of Timeline i see such errors...

2024-06-14 02_24_33-Booking system I_ Front Desk - Airtable.png

and Rollup Field looks like that

2024-06-14 02_09_54-Hotel PMS_ Bookings - Airtable.png

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Hmm I just tested coloring a timeline by condition in both a view and in the Interface and both worked fine

If you could you provide a read only invite link to a duplicated copy of your base with some example data I could take a look at it for you