πŸ”₯ Alert: We can share interface pages publicly! πŸ”₯ (BETA)

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect


Interface designer pages can now be shared publicly. 😁😁😁 This feature is still in beta, and comes with a warning that some hidden data may be exposed.


An example that Airtable gave in the docs explains that even if a chart in an interface page shows only combined values, it is possible that individuals could find the specific numbers behind those totals by examining network logs.


"Consider the dashboard below that shows data for 28 deals in the pipeline. The chart shows the sum of the all the estimated value of each deal per stage. Even though you can’t tell the deal worth for each of the individual deals by looking at the chart, if you inspect the network logs, you could see the individual values for each deal."

Personally, I'm holding off on sharing interface pages that contain sensitive or confidential information. If I had to share, I'd check the network logs to make sure no sensitive data is being exposed unintentionally. 

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