Automation to create entries in one table, drawing info from two others

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I want to create an Interface page that helps my team with a recurring task, that involves three tables:

  • Choose a single project, presumably using a record picker ("Projects" table)
  • In a grid or list below, choose multiple records ("media outlets" table) with a check-mark
  • Upon clicking a button, an automation creates entries in a third table ("status" table). These entries are linked to the project from step 1 and the selected media outlets from step 2 and also are assigned a certain status (i.e. "new")

It sounds simple, but I fail to pass the info from both the record selector and the grid on to the script.

Seriously hoping this is doable. I would appreciate any hint as to where I should be looking as I am quite lost at the moment.

Thank you!

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Hi @Miles,

To set up this automation, consider implementing a button directly within the interface, connecting it to an automation. This button can utilise the record picker value as an internal variable. In the subsequent script portion, it can iterate through all the records, examining the specific flag you've incorporated within the interface.

Following that, you can process each of these records, efficiently handling them and formatting the data as required before pushing them back to the API.

This approach will help you streamline your workflow and ensure that the necessary tasks are executed systematically.

I hope this helps!