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Sharing interfaces with non-users

Hi all, I already know Airtable doesnt allow you to share interfaces with non-users (not a good move, Airtable!) but i'm trying to not give up on the beautiful dashboards i made.Other than taking a screenshot, are there any extensions/third-party too...

Limi by 6 - Interface Innovator
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View extensions in Interfaces

Hello: I'm wondering if anyone has figured out any clever ways to get what's in an extension onto an interface. We have a couple custom-built extensions that we'd like to display on interfaces so we can leverage the interface permissions. Right now, ...

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 12.17.30 PM.png

Resolved! Form interface for manufacturing

Hi, I am trying to get some more sophisticated user interfaces and calculations into a form view or interface but am getting stuck. I am trying to have some pre-set instructions with calculated values in a form that employees would be able to fill ou...

Create Reviews of Base Data

I would like to create a user portal where our Board Members can login and read displayed information from a base and respond some basic questions (Yes/No, Check mark, comments) that would become linked records. I've found a way to add the reviews in...

Steggo by 4 - Data Explorer
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Start extension from interface

Hi all,I have written an extension that links a project to various records in another table and, as a prototype, it works fine by using a specific project.Now, to roll the feature out, I need to pass the project name over to the script from an interf...

Miles by 4 - Data Explorer
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Obsidian-like extension?

Okay, this is another one that I feel weird asking. I can't imagine I'm truly the first person asking... I've poked around here, Reddit, etc. and I haven't seen a direct answer so I'm asking— and apologizing if I'm being a goober who missed the super...

logos not loading on my extension forms

 Hi...........My logos are not loading on my extension forms. This has only started happening in the past week. i have been using Airtable since 2019 and this may have happened once before. When it happened previously I only had to reload the logos o...

Resolved! Send multiple emails via an interface button click

I've got an interface showing a list of all customers who we are awaiting information from.How would I go about sending those customers an email, when I click a button to do so in an interface? I don't want to do it automatically when they enter a vi...

andyh by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Add numbers and percentages to charts

I am trying to add numbers and percentages to a chart. I know there is a similar post here, but this is from 2020 so I wanted to see if this feature is now available in Airtable. Any help on this would be appreciated

ToDo list with due dates - Print and email daily

Hi Community,I have a todo list with due dates.I also have a view sorted by due date with all todos for the specific todos.If I create an email send out to me every due date eve, it sends for each todo an email. same with the designer, if I want to p...