Background color on Record Review only Gray?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am working on my first new version Record Review interface.  I have TONS of detailed Record Review interfaces in the older now-legacy version.... ugh. 

The old version let me pick a few colors for group background.  But the new one only has "show background color" for groups. Which for me is a very light gray and does not really help distinguish a grouping.  These are complex views so I really need the colors... 

Any idea what controls the 'background color' that the new interface will show? It seems like that should be able to be picked somewhere, but I cannot fine. 

And would love to see more than one option eventually!

Thanks for the help. 



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Yeah I'd like to know this too.  Duplicating the old versions still seems to be an option, perhaps you could use that as a workaround for now?

Thanks and yea, I have done some duplication since they demoted the old one - but these take a while to build, and I am hesitant to have even more interfaces that wont be supported.  Plus the filter/sort features of the new interface are nice....