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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello Everyone,

I have observed that a limited number of my dropdown fields in the interface designer allow for the enabling or disabling of adding new options; currently, only about 40% have this feature enabled. How can I enable the feature to be available on all remaining dropdown fields?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Alex_Lerma1 

Could you check your field within the base to see if there are field permissions set? It is likely that the field is set so that nobody can edit it. 

Hi @Vic_Airtable ,

Thank you for responding! Field permissions are set to "Editors and up" in all fields. I have not modified any field permissions on this base yet. I will say that the interface was built when it was first rolled out, but most dropdown fields have existed in the base prior to the interface release. 



I'd like to look at this a bit more closely, @Alex_Lerma1. As I am not able to replicate this behavior unless the field has field permissions set to Nobody. Stay tuned for an email from our support team!