Calculating a rate and displaying it in Interfaces

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey there!

I've been having problems calculating and displaying a metric through Interfaces. My ideal end use will be displaying the rate/calculation in a chart so it can be displayed overtime, but I'll settle right now for being able to set the number to a Number Element if it's too hard

So - I'm trying to get the metric Contacts per Purchase. I have a contacts table that has all the contact information plus two relevant fields deal_status (single select) and email_date (date lookup field from the campaigns table).

This metric would be easy enough in other system because it would be the simple (Count Contacts / Count {deal_status} ="Purchased") grouped by email_date month buckets or dashboard filters

Given that neither the Numbers or the Charts elements allows for internal calculations, does anyone have an approach to this issue? I'd rather avoid heavy automation of nested linked because of volume

Anyhow, open to any suggestions or approaches! 

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Hmm...any chance you could provide a screenshot of some example raw data?  Would love to help but I'm finding it difficult to visualize your setup and what you'd like to see, sorry!