Control Information Displayed on Record Selector in Interface

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I'm trying to figure out how to control what gets displayed on the records shown in the record selector within an Interface on the edit record or form creation page when you have a linked record field on them. Right now I'm only seeing the record name displayed, but there's space for more info. I'm just not sure how I get it to display more stuff. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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Record pickers only display the primary field as an option label. You might prefer the Record List element that comes with the Record Review layout that is selectable when creating a new interface. 

Another option is to use a formula field as your primary field and concatenate fields to be in your record picker's label.

Yeah, I'm using a list view and need to do that. I was just seeing that there's a ton of space on the record option (they are displayed in the picker as cards not as pill items) and so figured you could display some other fields or something. I am currently using a formula field as the primary field so that I can get various different things I want people to be able to search by in there. But main thing I was looking to make visible somehow is the colors I have associated with a certain single select field that gets set for every record. This help visually when people just want to scroll. 

I wish that the conditions you can set in Interfaces for linked record fields would allow you to being in dynamic data based on the selection from a previous field, kind of like you can inside automations. Then you could keep the list of records pretty short.

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10 - Mercury

Can you provide a screenshot? When you say "record selector" in your original post, do you mean a list view element or a record picker element?

Weird, I originally thought I uploaded a screen shot, but it looks like it didn't work. I mean within a list view on the edit record page or the create record form for a linked record.

Ah I see now. You mean a linked record field placed on a form page of an interface. This is definitely weird behavior when elsewhere linked record selection popups include the first 4 fields on a card (set by the first grid view's field order in the linked table). I would suggest putting this in as a feature request/bug report.