Counting Records With Complications

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I'm creating a client portal in softr. As such I have 5 Projects - Each with 10 potential statuses.

Project 1, Project 2 and so on can have Status 1, Status 2, Status 3 etc.

How do I count the Number of Statuses for each project and get in it a COUNT column so I can take the number into Softr?

I can tally the whole lot - but I can't break it down per project.


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I'm guessing that the Status options are currently being selected using a multiple-select field. If you want to leave it like that, you can use a formula field to get the count. Assuming that none of the multiple-select options contain commas, you could use a variation of this formula, replacing {Multiple Select} with your field reference:

IF({Multiple Select}, LEN({Multiple Select}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Multiple Select}, ",", "")) + 1, 0)

Another option would be to use another table to contain the status options and a linked record field to link to them. In that case, the count could be obtained using a count field. A benefit of this method is that you could collect other data in that status table; e.g. add a count field that would show you how many projects are tied to each status.