Creating a dashboard for goal progress

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all,

I have a base in which we collect data on a bunch of indicators. We want to check our progress throughout the year against annual goals that we set for ourselves. We set goals for about 20 indicators out of 50 and we only want to monitor those ones even though we collect data on all 50.

I would like to build a dashboard that would pull those 20 indicators, notes what the goal is for each, and then pull our progress. Our indicators are on one table in the base, and the data collection of each indicator is in another table. We do not currently have the goals listed on airtable.

I havent figured out what style of interface is the best way to do this. The closest i got was writing the indicators and goals as text and using a "number" element to pull the progress, but that's obviously not ideal- is there a way for me to create a dashboard that looks like this picture and show only the indicators i want (and not all 50)? I dont mind writing up the goals as text.


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