Creating a very locked down view with automation for our users

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


We have a request that seems pretty common but searching the articles the info is a bit conflicting, so asking a fresh question.

We have a base with data that we work with.  Think of it like a CRM.

What I need is a way to set a view of data (state based) so that a user can only see the cases they are working on. That is pretty easy with a view etc. I also only want those users to only see certain fields from those people to not be able to edit the view or configuration of those fields. Except 2 fields which they are allowed to do a drop down on. Reason is basically to stop users from deleting or changing important data, or viewing other peoples data. 

Thats the main request. A lock down view for our users that they cant download, change, print, copy. they can only view . . except 2 fields that they can toggle. (our users are very basic).

Second part of that, is I want them to have the ability to run one automation in that. A button that will send a locked down message to that case, with a freeform field they create. Again, thats all they can send.

Is the above possible? Ive gotten a long way there with an interface, but it looks like I cant lock down the fields in an interface or stop them from adding fields and records.  Is there another way?

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Hmm, what if you used the "Record Review" layout?  You could filter the records displayed in the side panel to only show each user's cases, and you could set each field's editable status as well.  I'm not too clear what you want the automation to do, but you could add a button to trigger an automation for that specific record too:

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 11.32.11 AM.png

I agree that the interface is the best solution for the setup. Maybe also look into your user's permissions. You might get more control over if they're able to create new records or delete records. I find the "Interface Only" users are the easiest to customise permissions.

As for your button, am I understanding your definition of "lockdown" correctly? You want a button to change a field from "Editable" to "Read Only". I don't think this is possible.

There are workarounds but may not fit your use case.

You could build "View Mode" & "Edit Mode" interfaces and toggle between them with a button.