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Duplicate record button in interface designer

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The interface designer has an update button and delete record button. I wanted to create a button to duplicate record so some of the data need not be reentered. Any way to do it through the automation. I could not seem to get the automation to recognise the current field

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Yes, you can do this with automations. Use the “Create record” action and use the values from the triggering record.

Can you show a screen shot of where you are having trouble?

I was able to duplicate record - thanks

Another vote here for this missing “Duplicate Record” options within an Interface Button.

Appreciate the workaround @kuovonne - hopefully a “Duplicate Records” interface button method is something that can be implemented soon by Airtable.

Hello Kuovonne 

Thank you very much for your insights. I am trying to create this "Duplicate Button" on the interface and I am not getting how can I use the values from the triggering record.

Do you have any suggestion?