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Re: Embedding Interface on the web

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Hi everyone – i saw some folks ask this questions but have not seen an answer as of Q2 2022. Is there a way to embed interfaces into another web app/ website?

If not, is there a workaround like an elegante way to embed the whole airtable app into another website?

Thank you!

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Because this isn’t offered…I have to spend $65 a month on Softr…Boooooo

Not yet, that’s where third-party frontend tools like, Stacker or Glide come around

+1 from me too. This would make Airtable unbeatable.

+1 Need this functionality!

+1 I keep checking back for this update to interfaces. This is an essential feature.

+1 certainly needed!

+1. Would love to see this. Currently looking at Softr as an alternative.

Waiting for this too. It will be a game-changer.

+1 certainly needed!

Could you please explain step-by-step on how to do this? What access is required to do this?

+1 on the need for an option to embed an interface in a webpage so people can access that content without a login. Any update on whether this is in the development pipeline, and if so, when it may be released?


I definitely need this so I can start getting people at my org familiar with Airtable. Confluence is currently used in my org but I want us to start using airtable!

+1 plz!! would be amazing!!!

I would like to use airtable to present client data, but manage it from a backend that is basically just a table. Interfaces seem close, but because they are both not embeddable, and not shareable to a limited number of people or a specific subset of data, I’m looking elsewhere.

Please Airtable 🙂 We need this. 

We need this feature

Data-loving designer and design-loving data person here.

I need to be able to display the comings and goings of our senior leaders on a website. The model is this:

I already have all the data in an airtable. 

Being able to display an interface (oh and by the way please please please provide more design flexibility in interfaces!) in a website might be my solution. If not, will I eventually have to move away from airtable? 

Our team would love to have this functionality.. nothing yet? so sad

+1 Looking forward to this feature, we want to use it at least for the internal corporate website