Feature Request - Direct Edit and full primary field content for Linked Fields

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The more I use interfaces with Linked Records, the more I wish we had better, more direct options for creating, viewing and editing Linked Field records.

When I compare editing mock-up Text fields whilst pretending that they’re Linked Record fields, I can’t help but insist that this method of editing Linked Fields becomes a reality sooner than later… (pleeeease… :smiling_face_with_halo: )

Below is a mock-up interface that I’ve created and edited (in MS Paint) to hopefully relay the idea.


I always feel that working with Linked Records/Fields within an Interface is somewhat back-to-front… Users should be able to work on their primary record, and the associated Linked Fields, without being interrupted with pop-up windows, or forms, or taken to different interfaces etc… instead, why not just let them edit the data directly, let the interface expand/grow the linked primary field as if it were a text field (and note that the other linked record fields are also still visible, which is super useful)?

Anyone else wanting this, or have other similar or other ideas for Linked Record fields within an Interface?

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