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Interface Sharing without option "Go to base"

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I have shared an interface (hence a base) with read only external collaborators.
Everything is working fine, but I would like to deny permission to these collaborators to enter the base itself, but i cannot find out how to invalidate the “Go to base option”.

Can anyone help me on that matter.



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This feature is now available for Pro & Enterprise plans: Introducing the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™

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That is not yet a possibility. Interfaces are currently only designed for internal collaborators, not external collaborators.

Thank you
That’s very clear

Sharing interface only with extended sharing permissions would be extremely helpful

I don’t work for Airtable. I am an Airtable user just like you, and I am also an independent Airtable consultant. You can contact to let them know how you feel.

I just ran into this very issue after spending a long time creating an Interface. I was honestly flabbergasted when I couldn’t just get a read-only share link and instead had to give users access to data they should never have access to. As a new user of Airtable I admit I don’t fully understand the use of Airtable but this has just left me so confused and disappointed.

It would be great if interfaces could be shared in exactly the same way as the “Share view” option works where there is a read-only URL that can be copied and emailed and the only thing they can see is the content within the shared interface. Without the ability to restrict read-only, my use case for Interfaces is completely pointless. I have an HR database that contains peoples’ personal and payroll information. I want them to see their own interface (containing their own data) but not be able to see everybody else’s info.

Any insight when in 2022 this will be available? Same as another user mentioned above, I spent ages creating an interface without realizing it would grant access to the full DB. Don’t want to recreate the wheel/start from scratch on this one.

This is exactly what we need as well.
We want to be able to share an interface with someone without giving them access to all the data in the base.

This seems to be one of the best use cases for Interface feature. Since interface can show specific data from a base, we should be able to share that filtered data with different people. This way we can have a solid comprehensive base with several interfaces created on top of it that show and present different data with different people.

+1 for allowing giving external collaborators interface access and not to the entire db

Another vote for the ability to share interfaces without granting access to the base. For partners we work with and want to give them a view of our data as wee have it without being able to change the data, this is a killer feature.

There is a very nice way to share very restricted information and or data with anyone, and that is through views.
Agreed it’s not an interface yet, but it can be very helpful in that it’s available 24/7 for suppliers and customers alike, without giving away any unauthorised access.
One merely needs to set up a view - with restricted fields and records. Then putting it into a locked state (so that other collaborators don’t inadvertently modify the structure rules). Then share it via link with whomever it is appropriate.
See control options in the image below:
Screenshot 2022-10-14 155429

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

This feature is now available for Pro & Enterprise plans: Introducing the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™

Thanks for this. That was fantastic.

I notice that when I allow users to edit and create records through the interface, it adds them as billable members. Any idea if they are charged, and if so at what rate?

Glad to hear it. They are charged at the same rate as base collaborators that can add/edit records (rate depends on your plan).