Filtering a grid based on record picker

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a record picker that I want to use to filter a different grid source.

For example:

1. Picking a project with difficulty of 2/3.

2. Filtering a gird of freelancers with ability to work on difficulty of 2/3 and above.

I can only manually input the filter for the freelancers grid without connecting it automatically to the picker chosen result. Am I missing something?

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Yeah that sounds about right I'm afraid

The workaround I would use for this is to:
1. Have a single record in a new `Helper` table that all of the freelancer records are connected to
2. Have a lookup field in that `Helper` table that grabs the difficulty
3. Have a lookup field in the `Freelancers` table that looks up the field in the previous point
4. Have a formula field in the `Freelancers` table that will check whether they can handle the project
5. Have a button in the Interface that will, on click, link the single row in the `Helper` table to the currently selected record
6. In the Interface, filter that grid off of the field from point 4

The workflow would thus be:
1. Select the record
2. Click the button, which runs the automation linking the project to the helper record
3. The project's difficulty now shows up in the lookup field in the `Helper` table, which in turn is pulled through to the `Freelancers` table
4. The formula field in the `Freelancers` table will handle the logic of which freelancers can handle this tier of difficulty
5. The grid filters off of the previous point's field, showing you only the freelancers that could handle this project's difficulty level and above