Updating linked records from gallery view without clicking into "record details"

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to update linked records that are shown as a gallery view, within the 'record review' interface layout?

I have a "products" table, and each product can be linked to many "POs"
Essentially the PO is our various orders of that item.

I've built an 'record review' interface (see screenshot) which shows the products on the left hand side, with more details surrounding the product on the right side. Here i display the linked records in a gallery view, grouped by location. My aim is to create a pick list from the various POs so we know when all units relating to each PO has been shipped.

Currently i have to click on each PO which takes me to the 'Record Detail' page. It seems a long winded way to update some of the fields, especially if they are the ones i've chosen to show on each gallery card. Is it possible to have editable fields on the card, rather than clicking into the record detail? 

If this isn't currently a feature, it would be a useful one to consider. 
Perhaps if you interact with the "Editable" field you are able to update that field there and then, but if you click the surrounding area of the card, you're taken to the record detail page. Similarly, if you have no "editable" fields shown, then a click on the card just goes to the record detail page.

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 11.59.52.png

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