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Tracking engagement on content on an interface

Is there a way to tracking engagement within an interface at the record level?I'm building a technology repository of tiles for a team, and we want to be able to see which tools are being clicked on, or which use case is searched the most. The Insigh...

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Utilization tool for individual team members Vs. team

Hi all,The Utilization function is pretty great for visualising workloads and capacity, but when adding in the 'Time Off' part of the tool, I'm struggling to get exactly what I'd like.My Capacity planner is a timeline view of tasks grouped by team wi...

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Resolved! Removing Airtable Branding on interfaces - White labelling?

This is a question that has been asked a few years ago but not sure if this has been revisited recently.I am using Airtable interfaces. I am on top level plan and prepared to pay to remove the Airtable branding. There is a simple reason why.Our porta...

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CKARC by 6 - Interface Innovator

New Filter / Record Duplication Behavior (Error)

Hi there,My company has several different interfaces that have more or less the same table in them, just filtered by a different project name. In the past, users (editors on the interface but no database access) have been able to duplicate these reco...

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mweis by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Editorial Calendar Import Question

My team's work involves tracking and acting on various publication editorial calendars. For example, if a publication is covering [topic x] in January, we like to be able to see that in a spreadsheet and act on it. Currently we collect hundreds of th...

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Legacy Interface button doesn't recognize automations

Hi awesome Airtable users, Recenlty came across an issue where existing button fields in Interface designer (legacy one) stopped recognizing existing automations in the Automations list. Doesn't recognize any. It was working fine until today morning....

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Ahmet by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Airtable Form Customization.

Hi,I have a Table called Budget. Budget table has multiple fields like Product, Cost, Monthly cost(Jan-Dec), budget year dropdown field, Property list, etc,.This is the form for creating a new budget in the budget Table.I want to list the property na...

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