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Sums in interface pivot table not working

I've created a pivot table in a dashboard interface and I'm trying to summarize cost for projects. Each record is a deliverable which has a corresponding "Brief" that it's tagged to. Each deliverable also has a cost associated with it. Both "Brief" a...

Using Airtable to create a client portal

Hello. I'm trying to find information as to whether I can use Airtable only to create a customer/client portal. I've seen some videos but I need clearer instructions, meaning where do I go to create this portal, how do I add information, linking clie...

Data access

How can I give users who don't have AT license, the ability to add/update/delete data?1. Obviously I can build a form, but that only allows adding, but no update/delete.2. With interfaces, I can build full access functionality, but it is disabled for...

DavidR by 4 - Data Explorer
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Hello, How can I have only the last number entered in the data without needing to put a filter in place with the month indicated ?Thank you so much 

Mary by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Avg. sales by date, problem with timeframes

Hello, I find it difficult to work with time frames in Airtable. Am I missing something?Example:Let's say I'm selling cars and with each sale I add it as a sold car record to Airtable with its details.Manufacturer: AudiType: A6Date: 22/3/2024Price: 5...

Jakub by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Mobile Interface, Copy Data from phone

I'm trying to build a system where users can copy a Roll Up/Look Up field of phone numbers directly from their phone. This field often has up to 20+ phone numbers.My current solution is to set up a pre-filled form that is accessible via mobile, in wh...

Ability to export or print full Interface

Are there any plans to make a more robust print/export/embed functionality in the Interface feature? I know there are some graphs that can be printed, but I want to be able to export the full Interface as a PDF. We are using the Interface for an org-...

darteaga by 4 - Data Explorer
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