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Sharing interfaces with non-users

Hi all, I already know Airtable doesnt allow you to share interfaces with non-users (not a good move, Airtable!) but i'm trying to not give up on the beautiful dashboards i made.Other than taking a screenshot, are there any extensions/third-party too...

Limi by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Prefilling Airtable Form field with Pory logged-in user

Hi all,I am building a web app with Pory ( as the frontend and Airtable as the backend.I would like users to log in and enter information into Airtable via Airtable forms.I have been able to set up users on Pory and integrate this with Airtab...

drewwww by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Interface button to run a scripting block

Hello everyone!I ran into a problem which I currently have no idea how to resolve.I have a script using an API call which logs the user into external system. This is not an automation script, but the script from a scripting extention. This is because...

2023-10-20_13h22_09.png 2023-10-20_13h25_05.png

Create Reviews of Base Data

I would like to create a user portal where our Board Members can login and read displayed information from a base and respond some basic questions (Yes/No, Check mark, comments) that would become linked records. I've found a way to add the reviews in...

Steggo by 4 - Data Explorer
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Graphs still can not group along X-Axis?

It is so frustrating that it's 2023 and AirTable can not group data along x-axis in graphs, forcing you to make several/many graphs to compare data. For example I want x-axis to be product lines, but for each product line it should have multiple bars...

multiple select retrieve records - react

I'm building a Todo app in react and I added a multiple select named "category", the idea is when an user enters the item, have the option to select the category the task falls into.I'm able to fetch the title, but from that I have read multiple sele...