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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Pretty new to AirTable.  Trying to build simple base to keep track of group members.

I have a Members table, a Groups table and a Group Members table. This last is a join table with a column for Group, a column for Member and other columns that aren't related to this issue. The Group Members table also has a Name column which is the primary key.  It is a formula which is basically Group Name & "-" & Member Name.

I'm building an interface to show the Groups table. It has a list of groups that I can pick from, and the proper record shows in the interface when I do this.

I added a grid which is bound to the Group Members table. It shows the proper fields, but is not being filtered by the particular group I have showing in this interface.  I expect it to only show the group members associated with this group.  The filtering options are good, but require a hard-coded filter.  Instead of that, I want the grid automatically filtered to show member records from the group being displayed.  Any help on this?  Thanks...

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Hmm could you provide access to an example base or some screenshots of your tables and interface setup?  Finding it hard to visualize your setup and what you'd like it to display

If it helps, the following was created with a "Record Picker" element with the source being the "Groups" table, and a "Grid" element with the source being said "Record Picker" element

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 12.57.16 PM.png

Link to base