Help laying out child & grandchild table interface

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Designing an interface focused on projects. In this client's case, projects can have multiple tasklists, then a tasklist can have multiple tasks.

I have Projects table, Tasklists table, and Tasks table. Appropriate links are setup.


I'd like an elegant way to lay this out in one screen using interfaces. The closest I could come was to use a record picker for Projects, then nest a new sub-record picker for Tasklists, then have a grid for Tasks and connect that to Tasklists data source. However it's not ideal for a number of reasons....

1) the sub-record picker appearance labeling has no options for customization, it is locked onto the primary field only. Since I construct the PF in this table and others, the name there ends up being not as user friendly.

2) the sub-record picker shows only one item, it's essentially a single select drop down, as opposed to a scrolling element like the parent record picker.

I'm not totally tied to this idea in case other ideas are out there. Another idea I had was just to have one page with Projects->Tasklists, then another page with Tasklists->Tasks. But there wasn't a good way to jump from page1 to page2 and have it immediately filter to that particular tasklist.

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