How to print interface? Ideally would like it to be a button.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to find a solution to printing interface out tasks in a A4 portrait Layout, but currently if users print its several pages of mess. I have build a page layout in extension 'Page Designer' but unable to create this as a button as to allow the users viewing in interface to be able to print the details. 

Any Ideas how to print interface? Ideally would like it to be a button as I need it to be user friendly, who have only Interface viewer access only.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there!

We totally hear you on the need to be able to print interfaces easily. Please know that our team is working towards building print capability for Interfaces, but doesn't currently have a timeline for its release. While a print button cannot be embedded into the page design, users may print Page Designer pages from the button in the top right corner of the extension. This support article outlines the printing capabilities of the Page Designer extension. 

If you can make it work so people can be able to print from the interface design that would be fantastic