Presenting stacked information as a single select in a form

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm created a registration form. I need the users to select their specific identification information. The information is stored in another base. I can create a link to the appropriate base field and this information will display in the second bases registration form. However, the information is displayed as a single row and it's a long row of information that gets cutoff in the form. 

I want to stack the information. I tried using \n creating a line break however, rtf data is not passed through a linked primary field (I can only link a primary field).

Any suggestions for using one base that stores the following: State, award number, award title

and linking that information to another base as a selectable field in a form?

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Hmmm... my #1 best recommendation for this would be to use Fillout to do this, which is 100% free and provides the most advanced forms for Airtable. You can customize what fields you want the users to see onscreen from the linked record field, and it doesn't cut anything off. It will just wrap onto additional lines instead of cutting off the text.