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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a interface with a grid.  In the grid there is a single-select field.  When I preview as the collaborator intended to use this interface, i can add a new item or search from existing items in the single-select field. However when I publish this to the collaborator, they cannot add a new item.  I’ve checked all permissions and made everything editable - the collaborator is set as an editor, I’ve even shared the entire Table and republished the interface.

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The "preview as" feature doesn't quite get the permissions correct. At times it uses the permissions of the actually logged in user, who has creator permissions. Editors do not have the necessary permissions to add a single-select choice. Only creators can add single-select choices.

Yes, I just realized that an editor cannot change a field thus cannot add to the list of desired items.  Is there a "simple" workaround?  I'd like to minimize faulty/duplicated data and make it easier for user to select what already exists.  I obviously don't trust them to enter clean data, so I don't want to give them creator status just for the purpose of entering these types of fields. A conundrum of sorts.  I've asked ChatGPT....  do you have anything documented?

Well, automations can create new options, so you could create a form that allows the user to type in an option that they'd want added to the Select field.  You'd have an automation that would trigger on form submit, and its action would be to create or update a record in the table where the Select field exists, and to update the Select field with the typed in value that the user submitted

You could set aside a single record for this purpose that you update constantly, or create new ones and either delete them manually or via a scripting action

Not the cleanest workaround, but eh it works

Thanks for reply.  Found a simpler solution - linked it to a new table.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Has this ability been updated recently ? I have an interface with a from and record picker board that both used to work and allow adding new items that dont exist already. Now lets me add new item on some and not most others ( connected to another record, or select type fields) . the form does not alllow it anymore for any and this used to be really easy to manage, I don't even see it as an option anymore to allow adding new records editing the field even for the one it works on.  May not be relevant but only difference from before to now is I actually have workspace collaborators, but currently it is all creators so permissions shouldn't really be the issue. I love that there can be permission levels for this ability but I seem to be overlooking something if it isn't a current bug or change in function.

MY problem was very specific and I'm not certain its the same issues you're referencing.  In table defined as a single select field, while viewing as data, if you have creator status you can modify the table and add new items into the list as a creator.  But in interface mode, you cannot add to the list when a new item is desired if you're not a creator.  So I got aroudn this by creating a new look up table where the primary table was anything that would have been in the list and thus any user could add to it.  Help?