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I'm currently building an interface where I want to be able to pick a record, open the record detail for a specific linked record, click into one more record detail for a 3rd linked record, and then click a button to establish a link back to the original record in the interface. I'm able to have that button automatically populate a very specific record link, but am not able to have it dynamically change based on the actively open record in the original interface. Making the button run an automation also doesn't work, because the automation can only be passed the information from the deepest record detail view I go to.

To explain all of that a little more specifically, I'm building a base to build shipments for customers. Each shipment will be based on a template, but will have different specific contents (each may have a shirt, shoes, or hat, but then you can choose what size based on the original templated shipment). Since AirTable can't natively support dynamic forms, I'm building a workaround where, for each shipment, a user can select a specific template. That in turn populates a lookup field of the generic items included in that template. My hope is that, in an interface, a user can select the desired shipment to build > connect a templated shipment > open the linked record in the lookup field, of a generic item > open another linked record of a specific item option (we're now 2 record detail side-panels deep), and then hit a button (with the 'Update record action') that ultimately links that item option back to the original shipment being viewed in the AirTable base.

Is this complicated? Yes. But what I'm surprised by is that AirTable doesn't seem to have a way for those record detail buttons to reference the record that's open at the original level of the Interface. Am I missing something?

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