Link to another record dropdown - Form Interface "Invalid Size"

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
  • I have 217 Universities in the table called "Universities"
  • I have an empty "Applicant" table that connected to a Form Interface

I want applicants to choose their universities NOT from a "Single select" field, but "link to another table"

But when the University field in Applicant table is "link to another record field", in the form interface, it says "Invalid Size". But if the field is single select, there is no such error.

Please don't tell me use Single select instead. I need the other informations in the Universities table + other tables are connected to University table from different places. I also know that I can connect Universities later manually or with some automations. Yet still that is not an option and just a silly labor. We were using this future with ourselves and clients for years and it was working perfect in "form view", i thought "form interface" should have been better.

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Interesting!  I just attempted to replicate this and the linked field below links to a table that has 700+ records and it seems to work fine

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4.33.19 PM.png

Link to base

My setup must be different from yours somehow and I'd love to take a look at yours if you could DM me an invite!

Your approach, to use link to another table and not single-select is correct. Sometimes people misuse these types providing a lot of extra headache in future. Me too ))
But I couldn't reproduce your issue.
I guess it might be some non-English character, reserved for other purpose and incorrectly displayed during transforming into linked record rectangle header.
Oh, wait, I was able to reproduce it.


I was like "What's a ' Pill | Card'  in Appearance?" and it happened when I did some random changes in Edit Field right in Interface form.

In short, that doesn't related to linked table primary field values and their length, it looks like interface form bug.
To solve, I just removed the field and added it again.